Friday, 10 February 2012

Fighting Internet Identity Theft and the FBI (Rewrite)

One Tec Solutions - Theft of identity was once the amusing news for the populace but, now it has become the most known and apprehensive fact for us; and all the credit goes to excessive internet inclination in our lives. The dreadfulness of this peculiarity has an influence over the societal order that FBI, itself, is directly looking into the matter now, and striving hard to somehow overcome its roguish impacts. This is one of the most thoughtful steps by the FBI that has been taken not only in the highest interest of the nationals but also for the entire realm as now the milk has already spilt and it’s high time to be in motion against the existing situational internet threats

Recently, the FBI in corporation with the Monster Worldwide and with the Postal Inspectors is endeavoring to absolutely trim down the roots of Internet Fraud or Scams by enlightening the trillions of internet consumers at a single platform. To carry out its influential step, the FBI is focusing on offering a range of programs that can be exercised by the consumers to get profusion of information on the subject matter. FBI recommended the internet consumers to take online tests for free in order to make out how they can be charged for their Internet know-how to prevent themselves from being deceived. As stated above that the online fraud and internet identity theft is augmenting at a callous speed; in due course, the FBI yearn for alarming the consumers to be more careful while working online. By and large, this help is meant for the big budget retailing stores where consumers are tapped out with high prices; and a website has been launched to educate consumers that how they can get rid of Phishing and Pharming scams. FBI advised the consumers all over the internet, that not every glittering is of gold i.e. almost every offer, which is extravagantly tempting, comes up with a silent threat that is waiting for the consumer at his doorstep. FBI focused on this educating program so that history could not repeat incidents like 9-11 where the identities of the American nationals were about to vanish.

This specially built website seems to be the most considerate thought by the government.  But the consumers can query that how this program is going to impede the Identity Theft when government itself is the biggest source of information leakage as, it has each and every bit of its national’s information from driving license to marriage certificate to job certificate in fact to the death certificate, in short every single bit of its nationals’ life? It this website a solution or a scam itself? There are confusions which are required to be replied at earliest.

Furthermore, this website cost over $4,500 and although, is deemed as an incredible step of the FBI taken for benefiting the nationals; but, at the same time the website is occupied with “for buyer” phrase which indicates that to avail government protection we have to pay to government. Isn’t it awkward? Governments are from us by us and for us, then why we should pay extra than tax? Although the FBI’s BIG IDEA is relatively appreciated but, has the government reliance over trusted by the nationals?